Blackheath Tea Hut Destroyed

Seems like a car crashed into the tea hut last night .
Some injury reports

And a go fund page been started

Looking at that Go Fund Me, it’s not set up by the owner, and surely the car drivers insurance will be covering all the costs?

Not endorsing the go fund me myself personally.

Just making an observation that’s all.

I don’t actually think the car was insured, so no it will not be covering it.

Then the MIB will.

sad time, I used to spend a lot of time coming up here

Why, there were no aliens involved, unless they used their memory wipe things

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“No arrests have been made” ???

Was this a deliberate ramming of the hut by a disgruntled customer? Hard to understand how such a collision could occur under normal driving/road conditions.

People crash due to things other then being angry at someone.

They could have seen something on the road and swerved, blown out tyre, mechanical fault on the car, distracted driving or many, many other reasons

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Really? You haven’t noticed drivers keep crashing into buildings? Here is some fun for you:

I particularly like this one, it has a sort of Cold War Steve vibe about it.


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I wonder how much that lot are costing us on our insurance premiums

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Update to what’s happening.

That’s good news all round…

Hope to see it back soon.

It will be back


Wilson Architectual Building Designs say they have been working on plans for several months now, and yesterday they "finally submitted a planning application to reinstate The Blackheath Tea Hut."

How on earth do you spend several months drawing up plans for a hut?

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It’s also a listed building or the area is a conservation area or something.