Blackheath Tea Hut (9-5-2012)

Soooooo, who’s going to sling on some waterproofs and stick two fingers up at the rain?:smiley:

Not me but u guys are welcome to pop in for a cuppa at mine in se9. :slight_smile:

Loadsa bike space :cool:

you in eltham?

its on (ish) my way home (bexleyheath)

Sidcup. 1 mile from the shell garage on the A20. That’s as far as I’ll say on a public forum :Wow:

I’ve got company this eve, sorry loser you’re on your own :wink:

Lol Just posted this on the BaceFook page :wink: will probs be there about 8’ish on a noisy ass VFR800 :w00t:

near the golf course?

will be there as always :smiley:

I have to give it a miss this week if weather is better next week i will be there.