Blackheath Tea Hut (21-3-2012)

Anyone coming down for a budget busting cuppa:D

I may pop down for a bit :slight_smile:

I’ll be down hopefully :slight_smile: feeling much better today :slight_smile:

Should be there this week! :slight_smile:

will be there as normal :slight_smile:

Me Too :smiley:

I have to work this evening :frowning: Unless anyone will be there at 11pm :wink:

I am working to! could be there about 10pm though if anyone else will? can stop on my way home

Its dead down there!,-0.000086&spn=0.043413,0.077162&sll=51.469675,-0.001888&sspn=0.043415,0.077162&hq=tea+hut&t=m&z=14&layer=c&cbll=51.47184,-0.000296&panoid=vseSA-jdhzt1ZJ2PsRN1hg&cbp=12,122.41,0,-3.98

ill be at BM as per, and BTHut as last week

looks like i put others off. sorry my scooters an embaressment to you bikers :blush::wink:

I’m in! :smiley: