blackbird panniers

Does anyone know whether a schuberth or arai helmet will fit in these panniers? Dobles can"t say for sure.

Dunno. Stick a post on one of the many 'bird forums as many people have them.

I’ve got an Iron Nail 'bird and have been tempted by those time and again but there’s not an easy option of also having a top box…and that’s where my Shoei lives.

sod paying that much for a set !!! plus they could actually try fitting a lid in them

go GIVI lots of sizes I’ve got the E360 panniers and E45 topbox which you can get 2 full face lids in…if you want more space go for the Maxia E52 or 55

scotty you can get the thin rails and a topbox rack think its a mocheck ? one or you can go for the WINGRACK system like mine…only downside to that is its big but give plenty stability to the luggage system at speed, I know which I prefer

Yeah ill go for the top box option,tis alot of money.thanx for replies

try CBRXX.COM its a 'bird forum few from here on it as well

or B.I.R.D thats another one