BlackBerry Curve 3G review

Hey guys this is my first review, so please bear with me if its abit sketchy lol
I bought the new BlackBerry yesterday (the curve 3G) now when researching BBs i found something interesting, bold 9700 and curve 3G contracts are almost always the same price (only difference being insurance £13.99 and £11.99 respectively) however there is a £200 difference in pay as you go prices (in favour of the bold). I had a look into it and the main differences were the bold had better screen resolution, slightly faster internet and software, plus a few minor differences in software… but nothing worth £200. Because i have large fingers i cannot type on the bold but the curve has spaces between the keys hence my choice.
So here is my 24 hour opinion.

Upon starting up for the first time I really liked the setup system which led you through setting up internet and teaching you how to use the keyboard functions as well as changing a few settings like sensitivity. Once out of the basic set up i started having a look at a few things like changing the basic ringtones etc and i came across the first hurdle with the curve, everything isn’t where you’d expect it to be… its always in the 2nd place you look which is a little annoying (plus i still cant remember how to find afew things ive stumbled across like how much internet data ive downloaded)

The second hurdle i noticed while taking it for a quick spin was the sensitivity of the mini touch pad, while i really like the touch pad, its very accurate and doesnt have any glitches except that depending on what application youre running different sensitivity settings receive different results, for examply on the home screen 80 (my setting 10 above the default) is very quick and sometimes an issue, during texting and brousing the phone 80 is perfect, on the internet 80 is ridiculously slow to the point of it gets annoying, I have kind of got used to it but hopefully this will be fixed in a software patch.

The texting feels surprisingly natural and i can almost touch type now, also the layout of the additional functions (!"£$%^ etc) are all logical and easy to use.

The software is very good, lightening quick and able to easily run several applications at once.

One of the problems i have received which is apparently common with BBs in general is that sometimes upon setup you are able to use internet and everything fine but you are unable to download any applications. This is easily fixed by giving your network a call and asking them to resend you your internet settings (something i have yet to do ill let you know how it works out)

Although there are afew minor faults with the Curve 3G all of these are easy to adjust to and something that just takes time to get used to but the good qualities really make up for any faults. I’d definitely recommend this phone to a friend with my only advice being, take it easy for the first day, get used to it and everything will fall into place.

I hope this helps anyone looking at it, dont hesitate to ask any questions, and sorry for the poor layout of the review lol

Thanks for reading