bit of a fatty

i bought my leathers when i was somewhat slimmer…

usually wear a back protector underneath, but am travelling a few hundred miles tomorrow with my Kreiga R25 on my back, it’s definately going to be more comfortable sitting there without my back protector under my leathers, but how much protection am i going to get from a full kriega if i come off?

should i just breath in and force the zip up again?

Wear it over your jacket?

when I saw the topic, I thought someone had bought a Bking

strap the bag to the rear seat?

I’m sure he doesn’t need instructions on how to wear a rucksack?!? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Ha! that made me laugh. I meant the back protector!!! :blush:

Just lose a few pounds, your up and coming trip to Africa will be the ideal opportunity. Should you accept the challenge, a trip to specsavers on your return will suffice to keep your hornrims firmly on your nose.


Just how many pounds have you put on? Getting good’n sweaty in your leathers with the back protector will help stretch the leathers!:wink:

thanks guys, i’ll suck it up and wear it all as usual…

was tempted to leave the back protector behind and convince myself the kreiga would be enough to protect me if i came off…

i subscribe firmly to the ‘two-ronnies’ school of specs wearing!

Those Kreiga backpacks give alot more protection in an accident than you think, ask Jungle George :smiley: