Bit disappointed

The Superduke is having a service today at Tricounty motorcycles in Bracknell. I’d arranged a loan of a SuperMoto-T for the day as I quite fancy one of these. So there I was with a day put aside to go for as decent test ride. I get there and over the weekend they’ve sold the demo SM-T… Oh but I could go out for a 20 min test ride on it.

Fair enough, so I turn out the road and spend 20 minutes filtering in traffic. :frowning:
And the gear lever is a good 2 inches about the footpeg. And the back brake is grinding. So I get back and park it next to a lovely SM-R which is not on demo. Not exactly the best test ride I’ve been on…

So now I have a shiny new 690 Duke for the day. And what a horrible little bike it is!! Admittedly it looks pretty nice but that’s all I can like about it. It runs out of puff in oooooo about half a nanosecond. And I don’t know whether some knob-cheddar has polished the seat or not but every time I brake it feels like I’m sitting on the handlebars.

It’s so sh*te I can’t even be bothered to take it out on a lovely day like this. Just gotta wait for the 5-hour service now and take the thing back.


I can relate to that . . . I have a brilliant Kawasaki ZX6 in the garage . . . fresh tyres and steering damper, new rear shock and it’s just ready to go but I can’t get the enthusiasm to use it . . . the busa always gets chosen :slight_smile:

and i don’t even have 1 bike to play with :crying:

Somebody could take you as pillion :smiley:

Why don’t you convert the 6R into a track bike…Could just put some race fairings on, and away you go…Would make a brilliant track bike I’d imagine.

I will be using it this winter in Spain and I’ve got a full track fairing set in the garage to go on it . . . just need to fit it . . . the trouble is when Jetstream posts up a new ride I think . . . spend the day in the garage fixing fiberglass fairings to the bike or ride the busa, nice lunch and a good ride . . . so it’s Chris’s fault I haven’t got the bike ready ;):smiley:

Steve, I can solve all your issues… give the ZX6 to me, I’ll fit the fairings and then give it back to you in 2011…then you wont have any quandries until then… :smiley:

Ah that’s better. Got the SD back… :smiley:

Actually the 690 wasn’t that bad on the way back. Maybe I was just pissed off with not getting the bike I wanted to try. It handles quite well. Still slow though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know how that used to feel too. :crying: