Birthday Rideout! 5/7/21

Birthday Rideout on Monday 5/7/21

Meeting at the waffle House in st albans at 10 of you want breakfast, leaving at 11. Heading north to about Peterboroughish, and back to crepe affair in St albans for dinner at about 6.

Waffle House

Crepe affair

No steam trains as most are not running :frowning:

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A gluten-free day then :yum:

Both do gf waffles/pancakes, only know they’re there because my partner is gluten free

Blast from the past

2011 at the wafflehouse

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So young

Sorry, I should have learnt by now that my attempts at facetious humour don’t work online. Duh.

Weather forecast is looking okay, I would like to join you for at least some of it please. I won’t be able to stick around for the 6pm bit.

I would do but my birthday is today so I don’t think I qualify… :crazy_face:

Happy birthday @Tromboman

Great, see you tomorrow!

Feel free to wonder off when you need to, there’s a stop in Bedford too if that’s easier

Happy Birthday!

a day out is near enough to qualify, I’ve been claiming it all weekend

Thanks guys for a lovely ride out. That road between Kimbolton and Peterborough was cracking, especially on the return for some reason, less traffic, perfect conditions, it just flowed.

I got home just before the rain. Hope you don’t get too wet!

Enjoy the rest of your birthday.

Thanks for coming, was a good day out. The b660 is a goodun, particularly once you leave Bedfordshire and it’s 40mph limits.

Left the pub as the rain was getting harder, but only 20 minn home for me from there, so not too bad