Birthday help

havent a clue what to do for my birthday… something fun and memorable… any ideas? god getting old now!! :stuck_out_tongue:

A little more information?

How old is “old”? Flush or strapped for cash? Passions? Interests? and so on.

Bavarian Beerhouse, near Old Street… :smiley:

I went there for my 30th birthday, and it was superb!!! Jaegar Train’s, vodka and sherbert dip, and lot’s of lovely stein glasses full of beer!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!


At 21 you want to be taking things a little easy . . . no sudden surprises and no long walks.

Coach trip to Eastbourne to mingle with other OAPs? :stuck_out_tongue:

A spa and pampering day at Champneys?

A baloon flight… ?

A sky dive … ?

erm do you wheelie yet? a wheelie school…?

What about a trackday?

Hospitality at the GP?

thinkin of something that most ppl would wana do… and not go for a meal… not really my idea of fun… will defo look up that beer house tho…

passions… erm… bikes… age… going to be 22 but its meant to be 21st… (long story, last yr was difficult)… money… well im not strapped for cash and im not minted… hows bout a reasonable price…

the wheelie school idea is good but im goin to have to wait until i do my DAS first…

like the ideas tho and thanks so much for the help… :smiley:

Punch a dwarf, snog a fat bird, shoplift (just for the for the buzz mind, keep it inexpensive). Basically, start taking some risks, times getting on son and your not getting any younger.


last time i checked… i had boobs and all the right lady bits… and that was bout 30secs ago lol but hey feel free to come check out for urself down the ace :wink: :kiss:

Hmmmm Ive lost the plot now…What was the question?:smiley:

Just had a fuzzy moment then:D:D:D

ChunkyMonkey (20/06/2008)

Ah, so that’s what they’re calling it, now.

is that an open invitation?:Whistling:

Doh! Foot, mouth… Unless of course you’re a 25 stone kleptomaniac midget! Sorry 'bout the ‘son’ Miss. Check out my profile pic and give me a shout if you see me at the ace, I think I might just be about, ahem, up for some kind of ‘checking’ for myself lol.

Suddenly LB is a dating agency? Well, why not?

Back to the original question.

22 and female. I’ve no idea. Never been 22 and female.

You must’ve managed at least one of 'em for a while. I’ve never been either, but I reckon it’s a bit like being twenty and male; only with lower insurance premiums…