Birthday Girl Gina

Hi all,

I know Gina mentioned it on the ‘good morning thread’ but I thought I’d remind you all to wish her a very happy birthday today!

Happy Birthday babe, I hope you get everything you want and more

S xx

ooooooo party at borough tomorrow, Gina bring plenty of money with you and we will meet you in the pub,

happy birthday Hun x

Happy Birthday Gina!! Hope you’re getting spoilt

I believe its her birthday tomorrow! So happy birthday for tomorrow old girl!

happy birthday

May I add my condolences on this very sad day!

Still there’s plenty of life in the girl yet!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (today, or tomorrow)

R yes somebody lead us early than not at all

Happy Birthday Gina

Happy Birthday have a good one

Happy Birthday!!! Have a good one

happy birthday…old girl

Happy Birthday Gina!!!

She told me on Sunday it was this Wednesday

Hey happy birthday you !!! dont drink to much or in my case do


Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa there . . . it’s TOMORROW

Happy Birthday Gina

thought i’d missed it then!!! but no its tomorrow!!! phew!!!

Many happy returns!

I know, I got it too early. It’s even in my calendar as tomorrow. Hey ho, she will just have to have two days of LB lovin