Biking It Theatre Style!!!

Right you Guys and Gals Ive thought of an idea!!! eusa_think.gif
Now that Im up and running well my bike needs a new front tyre and service which will be taking place this weekend (long overdue)
I want to organize trips with a difference and hopefully you lot are able to make them!!! Whos up for going to the top London Theatres and restaurants with a ride thrown in???
Please respond as I need your opinions on whens the best time during the week or sat afternoon as its the best time to get hold of cheaper tickets!!!
And also when are people able to make it and also what people want to see
Hope this sounds like somethin you would turn up too
Take care and ride safe

PS Im defo turning up for the memorial

Just one thing about this that doesn’t appeal to me - going to a good restaurant/theatre with my bike leathers.

Sounds like a great idea but have to aggree with fridayman.

same here but i wont be coming for the ride so ill be nicely suited and booted