BikeTrac Installer Recommendation


Recommendations for a BikeTrac installer, or advice on how to go about it? Seems like the best system to go for, neat table breakdown of BikeTrac and DataTool here:

Tracker Compare

Thanks lads!

HI, don’t want to pee on your idea here but be careful with biketrac.

My boss was on holiday when his phone alerted him his bike was on the move. Called biketrac to tell them but they would not report it to the police until they had visual confirmation it was taken. He had to get his brother at 1am to go confirm it was gone. called them back, they called the police and in all this time the tracker was found and binned!

Really put me off of those subscription services.

I’m not saying don’t do it, but letting you know some of the hidden T&C’s they will probably not tell you about.

Man, pee-away! It’s good to get some real world feedback from stuff like this, exactly what a forum is good at IMO!

To be honest, I thought the trackers weren’t all that, given the ease at which they’re neutralised now. But I met an interesting chap at the Bike Shed, who lived locally, he rode a Fireblade for many years and now rides a BMW1000RR.
We got onto the subject of trackers, he said he’d had multiple bikes recovered due to them. It made a lot of sense, the relative cost of the tracker vs. recovery on a pricey bike seemed logical. If I’m honest, I thought the cost of them was a lot more. Around 350 is the price we’re paying now for decent 22mm chain/lock combos…a chance to recover a bike worth 5K seems reasonable.

The visual confirmation is poor. Personally, I think if you’re going to extoll the value of your tracking technology…you should be prepared to stand by it. Advertising your wonderful tracking package…but then not being confident enough to proceed with the data from your system sends a pretty bad message on the validity of it.


I have a tracker fitted to my bike only because it came with the bike & the insurance company insit it stays on the bike
I personaly dont rate them, they take seconds to disable even a numb skull can do it pretty quickley

Pretty much the same for me. I don’t expect much from it.

I know someone had three trackers on his Brompton: a dedicated tracker as the main device, and an Apple AirTag and Google Tile as backups.

The Brompton was stolen at knifepoint. The cops turned up quickly and took him on a blue light chase. In minutes they found the AirTag in a bin, a little later they found the Google Tile in another bin outside a pub. They checked with the pub but unfortunately their CCTV didn’t cover the bin. Using the dedicated tracker they followed it to a council estate on Lisson Grove but were unable to work out where on the estate it was. By morning that signal was gone too.

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I feel like a Brompton is a little more mobile and easier to flog. I guess why they’re so popular with scrotes.

Once the one-off cost of the tracker is done, around £100 seems like a fair price considering the insurance aspect. I get why people don’t see the value, but a spin at getting your bike back within a few hours is worth it for me.

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if you get your bike back
loads of bikes with trackers get nicked & are not recovered
like i said trackers take a few seconds to defeat

That’s the crucial bit, “if”.

Honestly, I thought the same as you. But a few bikers I met had real world examples of successful recovery. The “if” implies a chance, which for a £100, seems worth the possibility of getting a 5-10K bike back.

Adding an extra layer of portable security worth using is between 50-100 for decent gold-rated stuff, disk locks etc.

Just thinking as I type, did anyone to an alarm route instead of a tracker?

Exactly, there is always good and bad examples. I’ve only known bad ones, you’ve seen good.

Ultimately if you’re happy with the cost, then go for it. depending on your postcode the cost might pay for itself in the insurance saving and therefore is worth it.

Hopefully, you will never need to call on it, but that may be in a utopian world.