Bikesafe show today

Just a reminder if you’re going, to come and say ello to me on the Infinity Stand :smiley: . . . I’ll be the one caked in mud . . . :crazy:

Was really hoping to get there today, stuck at work too :frowning:

Have a goodun :wink:

how did it all go anyone?.

yeah good day , a lot better than yesterday [ sun was shinning ] and alot more people, good to see AdamH with his black helmet soon to be a white, pics will follow soon, went and said a quick hello to JZ, and a big thanks to bluestar for bringing my stuff home in the car for me, dude hurry up with the pics, cheers

was well impressed, considering it was free!

Very impressive indeed.

Loads of respect to the wall of death stunters, I was seriously impressed.

Also respect for the white helmet lads, also impressive.

A good day had.

Was beter than saturday weather was good all day too!!

I even set myself up for 3 police observed rides - :wink:

Glutton for puishment!

All good fun tho!!

Sorry didn’t see you Jonny. Did see a few folk though, sorry if I scared you by coming up and saying hello - sure a few were wondering who the blazes I was :w00t:




Was a good show,even managed to get out the ZX10 demo bike without an observer following me:w00t:

good day, ooo I missed the demo bikes

lol i did wonder who nearly ran me over on a bright orange kwacker!:D:w00t:

For a freebie show it was the dogs:D So good i went twice!:smiley:

How was the ride? Did you have enough fuel;) BTW I was the ole git with Ratty

It was good,very fast(without an observer:D).Now I know I miss having a big bike,miss that rush of acceleration.Filled the tank up courtesy of the Met Police,nice chaps that they are:PI went twice as well,top(free)show I agree.

good to see everyone at the weekend! JZ didnt get to come over and see you:crying: i see ginger has changed a bit!!

Graham, i rode past your work twice over the weekend, once on a Z1000 (horrible and uncomfortable) and once on a K1200s, had a copper behind me both times so couldnt stop!!

Saw plenty go past, it’s a regular route :wink: Couldn’t you lose 'em? :stuck_out_tongue:

your having a laugh, have you seen his bike/taxi, check this outwaiting for his pals

how many

room for one on top

and one more to let you all have a think

haha!! quality pics:D cheers andy! :slight_smile:

lovely stuff andy nice one!!x

nice pics.

well done adam, was a good show :slight_smile: