Bikesafe Bushey 5th October.

I’m doing bikesafe on Sunday, and it clashes with Ollie’s farewell ride, but I have a free space if anyone is interested. Pm if you’d like to go. If you’re a super fast rider you’ll be bored out of your skull cos I’m not, but if you’re a newish rider, on big bike or 125 it should be a good day.

There’s no limit on a Bikesafe I did my last one on an 08 Blade and my “coach” was on an S1000RR- We did not get bored!

On the day they pair you up with a similar rider on an similar bike. You typically only get pulled up for riding like an idiot, not for riding progressively. It’s a bit of a fight club scenario in that they don’t talk about it, you just go and ride.

Both times I went I got reprimanded for (first time) filtering, (my safety bubble was too small) and (2nd time) overtaking the lead car on zig zag lines. Well they don’t have those in Holland so no one told me, nether did the copper. He just fumed in his helmet till we pulled over then told me I’d clocked up 1000 points and would have lost my license and not passed go. I still learned something though and it’s a really good deal considering you get lunch and a book for the price. Plus you can declare it on your insurance.

I thought Bike Safe was for 600’s and above, 125’s have to do Scootersafe don’t they?

My Bike safe was a great day, Nearly killed a copper with my Flying GoPro, was allowed to speed round the lanes provioding we didn’t go over 100, and got into a police incident when a fight broke out in Seven Kings as we passed!!!

The ride was a good paced one and our instructor was a track day fanatic who owned a Panigale so knew what he was doing :slight_smile:

^^Yeah our first day was cut short because they found a horse on the lose. It takes a while to stop freaking out when every time you look in your mirrors there is a marked bike.

Yes, i really struggled with that, especially as we had 1 in front aswell for some of the ride, and every time you pull up at the lights he pulls up alongside and starts talking to you, the look on the drivers in traffics eyes are funny, bet they thought i kept getting told off!! :slight_smile:

It’s a good day out whatever you’re on

Bugger I am away otherwise I would have definitely come with you.


Plus you can declare it on your insurance.

Oh thanks Joby, I didn’t know that!

Oh that’s a shame, would have been fun on our two ER6f :blush:

Thanks everyone for your input. At the moment weather forecast is not looking too good :frowning:

Sam you were getting told off, re: bus lane!!:smiley:
It was good day.

Nope, I did Bikesafe a few months ago on my Street Triple and there were a couple of 125 in the group.

Nope, I did Bikesafe a few months ago on my Street Triple and there were a couple of 125 in the group.

Well I had such a good time on bikesafe on Sunday, and the weather was amazing. The police riders are so cool, they just notice every single detail. I learnt so much. After a safety presentation in the morning which was really interesting about vision and how the brain works, using loads of YouTube crashes as example we did a bit of town riding, then had lunch in St. Albans before doing the main ride in the afternoon all around Hertfordshire, doing mainly twisty roads so he could see how we get on with bends. Although they say ride normally it does feel a bit like a test as you are aware of watching out for signs and speed limits while checking mirrors for the police officer’s indicators as to where you are going next. The other guy and I got it wrong a few times and I ended up taking them on a motorway for a while :laugh: but both of us improved throughout the day.
Well worth the money, if you’re thinking of doing it def do it!
I’ll be booking again next season.
flumpit and Lasse perhaps we could organise to book together?

Don’t want to give anything away to those that haven’t done it but the video they show where you spot the differences is unbeleivable!! i didn’t notice one of the biggest ones!!

I know the one you are referring to Sam, I only spotted two, I think there are about 7, all about ‘you only see what you expect to see’ for why car drivers don’t see us.
But then the following exercise where you have to spot something, and I felt so bad that I didn’t, really convinced me I have to wear my high vis. Cos I realised I didn’t notice ‘the thing’ cos it was black, would have noticed it if it was fluorescent.