Bikes V Scooters

Here’s a poser for you anti scooter folk.

Chris, a good friend at work, has a whole garage full of machines including two scooters, a super moto and a Rocket 3.

He’s doing some serious research/heart searching on adding to the garage by buying a minor conversion for a “classic” Lambretta.

The minor conversion is an uprated Labretta transmission with a KTM top half engine grafted on. (Almost any single cylinder KTM motor can be used.)

Doesn’t stop there. New, fully adjustable front and rear suspension, uprated brakes with ex bike calipers and braided lines, special wheels with Michelin super sticky tires on uprate, billet machined hubs, HDI lights and the list goes on.

Apparently, the guy that supplies all this stuff admits he’s never had the b*lls to find out the top speed, bottling out at 86 m.p.h. with a gear to go. Oh, 86 was not at max RPM. He had a couple of thousand revs in hand.

O.K., we have to admit this is a bit special, but is it a bike or a scooter once converted?

sounds interesting would like to see how this progresses :slight_smile:

If you can slide off it sideways in the rain without lifting a leg - it’s a scooter!

Still, will be interesting to see - if it has a traily front wheel and a scooter rear wheel, it’ll look like a motorised penny-farthing… :smiley:

hehe… my imagination is running away with me here… :smiley:

Clearly it’s a Biscooter

Sounds like a death trap to me. Imagine KTM power in a Lambretta frame. That’s essentially a design from the late 1940s or early 50s isn’t it? It’ll turn weaving into a new sport. Complete madness … I like it!! :wink:

When I had my first proper bike, a friend of mine was building a skeleton over-bored, tuned Lambretta, with lots of bits chromed and murals on the painted bits (including bike tank). He won competitions and had it featured in magazines. I never rode it, but I was led to understand that it was pretty “hairy” to ride.

It sounds brilliant and i`d love to see it.

How about nitrous as well, just for good measure! :w00t:

Check out the chopped Scoots Russel Mitchell of Exile Choppers was building in 1983

It’s all been done before :)Japanese pistons in bored out lambretta barrels

TSI water cooled conversion kits

LC 350cc engines fitted in Lambretta frames

Small frame vespa’s with Kawasaki 135 kits

Runner 180cc engines fitted in Lambretta frames

In last months Scootering mag features a lambretta with a KTM top end

The biggest single improvement to Lambretta’s has been electronic ignition systems :slight_smile:

LOKI-JME (04/02/2009)

Check out the chopped Scoots Russel Mitchell of Exile Choppers was building in 1983

That takes me back I remember that bike still have some photos of it at I.O.W or Gt Yarmouth.

Didn’t Know that was the same Russel from Exile Choppers :slight_smile:

Sounds like a mistake rather than a bike or scooter…

i had seen one of these on the ktm forum a while ago.

And heres one I made earlier

Looks like the link to Lambretta insanity is (ignore the private eye links)

Not the best web site in the world, but this is a blokes other venture while running another decent company.

I just love these “blokes in sheds” things.

Good call mate.

You got a home built still then?