Bikes, Potholes, MAG and the Ace on BBC news

Typical “sound bite” news item.

It would be more convincing if the BBC did an “Inside Out” London item and gave the subject ten minutes or so.

i think its good enough, especially since they saw the problem from a biker point of view.

coming back on sunday there was an entire section of the tarmac missing, on the roundabout coming back from box hill, i dont know how is that not being reported yet :w00t:

and the roundbout going to purley way, that is in a state for a few couple of years now :ermm:

Its on “inside out” tonight BBC1 7.30…

Shall be watching that thanks for the heads up.
Cheers Steve

oops, wanted to edit earlier post to add “London” not repost it :blush:

My earlier comment came back to bite my ass!

So: Watched “inside out London” and still thought it was a pretty superficial piece of flim-flam.

Pity. Could have been a good item.

Try using and don’t forget to point out that a biker could be injured or killed. It’s worked for me many times. Enfield council even managed to repair one bad section the day after I reported it (coincidence or good service - who knows?)

Number two on the chart (1.38 in accompanying vid) has been there for ages!! It just reappears everytime they fill it - I am convinced it just falls through to the river :wink: