bikes or parts wanted anything considered?

as above i used to run a breakers for a while and am gona start a small one off again sideline to my engine tuning business, which one of my brothers will run for me so im after a bit of stock, crash damaged/projects or boxes of bits, anything considered, must be reasonable money/free etc. not million miles away from surrey. mucho brassy arse :smokin:

I got some Bandit parts for sale here

break this down or sell it on you know you will make a profit!!

cbr 400 gullarm 600 engine wavey disks ect

how about 4 slingshot rear panels, 2 black/2 orig colours but some lugs broke off and front seat for slingshot, ooo and got 1 rear/above light piece too for slingshot/black. £15 the lot, se london.