Bikes in Winter

Just wondering what the options are with keeping pentrol inside the tank during winter when bike is not used so much.

I hard that it is better to have a full tank than just half empty or just a little since petrol can sweat? and it is worse… or no petrol at all???

So I think my optins are, leave whatever petrol you have left, fill up to max, or try and empty the tank… no idea how I would do that, ride the bike around my local streets until I run out then push it back home:):slight_smile:

I cant see what difference it makes really - mine was left just before xmas until end of feb with not much in it and it was ok. Was left outside under a cover.

What do you mean by the petrol sweats?


Do you mean condensation forming on the inside of the tank and causing rust?

I read somewhere it is best to keep it topped up so there is no condensation and no rust.

Best to ask chunky for tips on storing the bike for long periods :smiley:

The less petrol in the tank the faster it evaporates, but conversely petrol can go off if left too long.

It won’t go off during one winter, so fill it up!

lol petrol sweating = condensation

So yeah that’s what I mean. Guess fill her up to max is OK:):slight_smile:

Haaa Fuggin haaarrr;):DYeah, I do tend to keep a full tank over winter to prevent any rust forming in the tank. have no fear about petrol “going off”. I started my FZR Race bike a few weeks ago using “stale” petrol which has been in the tank about 3 years. No probs at all :D:D:DMost important thing is to have the tyres off the ground if possible:cool:

modern petrol does go “off” surprisingly quickly,resulting in poor starting due to loss of the more inflammable fractions, most of the time you won’t notice it though, however it cause’s most of its mischief in carb bowls where it evaporates leaving a white powdery deposit, which tends to block jets, if you are at all worried you can add a stabiliser personally I don’t bother, my bike gets used all year (although not as much as I would like) the tip about filling the tank is a good one as you really dont want water in your fuel pump (fuel injection) or rust in your petcock.

heres one persons view :stuck_out_tongue:

Why store, just go for a ride now and again :stuck_out_tongue:


Why store, just go for a ride now and again

This may seem like a crazy idea, but you could just keep riding the damned thing. It is only just another working tool.

Winter is just like summer. It’s just a bit cooler. And damper.


I top mine up add fuel stabiliser and then run it for a few minutes