Bikes for sell, Leaving Country

Hi all,

I’ve got two of my bikes up for sale. One is a SV1000S silver (12456miles) 53reg 2nd owner and the other is a GSF400 Limited Edition (28224miles) Hreg 6th owner.

They are both listed on the ebay at the moment and I’ve forgotten to give an option to end the auction early. Hence, please take alook through ebay for now, and we can have a private negotiation if the auction ends without success. Thanks for looking.

hahaha bikes for sell

that seat could do with recovering,

What price are you looking for the SV?

Minimum of £1,850 given the ebay ad. I would expect that it will hit somewhere around the £2k mark.

Might help for the GSF if you actually put GSF in the title of your item on ebay rather than 1991 Suzuki Black/ Red… :wink:

Serrisan: Thanks for your tip.

Ratcatcher: I’ve got a spare seat without splits among an extra set of bodywork. You are right though, I could have swapped it for the photo session.

Vaughny & Bobzilla: Being the first time selling items on ebay, I couldn’t end the auction to quote a price for a sell to you. Hence, I could only wait for it to end. Big mistake…