Bikes and Scoots in the Cycle lane

PJ (20/01/2009)

Obviously not the ones that take you onto the pavement as BB was emplying.


I was implying that riding on the pavement was the next logical step, if one was of the opinion that one had “not bought a bike to sit in traffic”, “don’t care what other road users thought of you”, etc etc.

If whitelining at 70+ on the motorway is OK, offsiding bollards is OK, etc, then why stop there? A truly consistent, brave, rebellious-biker-style approach would surely involve taking it to the next level and using the pavement, wouldn’t it?

Problem with some people is that they go into things all half-hearted. It’s this kind of lack of consistency and vision that’s got Britain into the mess we’re in today.

Benelli Boy (20/01/2009)

PJ (20/01/2009)

Obviously not the ones that take you onto the pavement as BB was emplying.

For once BB your absolutely right, i can’t believe i even considered doing things half cocked:P As of this moment i will take my responsabilities as a Biker far more serious and use every means possible to get to my designated destination as quick as possible. Thanks for highlighting that for me:)

fight! fight! fight!

Au contraire, Panagiotis. As you’ll see from the post above, I’ve now become PJ’s riding technique mentor.

I’m not sure I’m worthy of the honour, tbh, but us ped bwoys are always willing to pass on the benefit of our experience to anyone who wants it :wink:

I’m expecting a pm soon, seeking my top tips on hi-viz jackets and safe winter riding :smiley:

pm sent :wink:

lol, i know that cycle lane. I saw a scooter get pulled over for going in it.

Always learning, so any info is worth looking at, just not sure about the Hi-viz stuff though:P

but m8 you is got a ped alredy innit lol. u must no ver rules of der road an good ridin ect

shhhhh thats a secret!! :hehe:



Now we’ve managed to get our own way with the bus lanes what about the ASL’s? I can see a long campaign of petitions, rideouts, and inflamatory posts on other forums ahead. :). But seriously, we should be allowed to use the advance stop lines…like the bus lanes it’s all about safety no?

I believe there is (was) a trial going on at the moment were both bikes and cyclist are allowed to use the advance box

i was a big advocate for riding in bus lines but something tells me i must just be a contrarian (spelt with an ‘O’ not a ‘U’ thanks PJ :stuck_out_tongue: ) not so keen now.
I keep on having loons swinging out in front of me cutting across bus lanes to make a hasty left turn.
Not been much fun and i’d rather take my chances filtering as before. (won’t offside islands though)

I’ve had a bit of that, too.

Hopefully as this trial goes on people will become conditioned to check properly left before they turn…

I have not had this happen once and it is bus lanes on most of my commute now.

As for ASLs - there is definitly meant to be a trial.

this will happen more, but any more than people turning right out of a queue of traffic into a filtering biker?

With the bus lane you can travel closer to the curb for a higher percentage of the time, which offers more room inbetween loony cars than filtering, and better forward visibility, so I prefer to take my chances (while looking at the wheels (c) Chunky :slight_smile: ) in the bus lane.

Loonies to the left of me, loonies to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you… (cue Chenster dance… :wink: )

You clearly don’t ride through Catford! :wink:

Oh thats it ruin all my fun:D

Use the pavement BB says its alright;) or was that just for me:D

Saw a guy couple of weeks ago on a Kwak at Pentonville Road junction with Penton rise ( before it goes into one way towards Kings X ) couldnt be bothered to wait for the lights behind the bus ( we were about 20 meters back ) go up on the curb , along the pavement past some students , do a left then off the kerb into the flow !!

PJ = Pavement Jockey!! :smiley: :hehe: