Bikes and Scoots in the Cycle lane

There is a nice wide cycle lane heading north on Blackfriars Bridge.

I was making the most of being allowed in the bus lane going over the bridge. Grateful or the fact that it was not such a chore, as with the previous filtering up the bridge, that was necessary in heavy traffic. Towards the end of the bridge, at the lights were a few taxis and not enough clearance to filter through to the front. So I took up position, looking for a space to filter up when it opened.

So there I was, thinking how great this bus lane opening malarky is; when about four or so bikes and scooters, decided to shoot up the cycle lane. They probably only encroached it for about twenty odd metres, to the lights; but I was still left wondering if this was going to do us bikers any favours. A case of give them an inch and they take a mile? Previously you would never see bikes in the cycle lane, as the bus lane restrictions acted as a buffer.

that particular circle lane is often used by motorbikes :ermm:

I dont believe it wasnt much of a problem, until now that the cyclist lobby is looking for ammunition against us, i think this behavior should be avoided

i cant belive anyone would be surprised at such behoviour

I see it all the time partularly around lambeth north. There isn’t a bus lane but when bikes and scooters can’t filter fast enough up the outside they use the narrow cycle lane.

See a lot of scooterists riding along the pavement now if they are held up for any length of time in traffic!!C*nts.

I agree with the other comments. This is bad news for bikers.

I agree there is the sweet irony in cyclists complaining about bikes are ignoring the traffic laws but it will do us no good. It will invite a clampdown on all bikes that will affect all of us not just the idiots who do these kind of things.

I would also add offsiding traffic bollards - I have seen riders doing it even when there is not a queue of traffic. It is dangerous and understandably drives other road users mad.

(Thinking back to recent “discussion” on motorway behaviour) “I didn’t buy a bike to sit in traffic”, “I don’t care what my actions make other road users think of bikes”, “I’m a rebel”, etc. Whereas, hey presto! on this thread everyone’s coming over all responsible. How quickly times change…

Personally, I think it’s just stupid to ride in cycle lanes. Putting the legality of it to one side for a second, I like to plan my ride so that I avoid cyclists, since a fair proportion of them seem to want to throw themselves into my path without so much as backward glance or, god forbid, a hand signal.

Nothing’s changed this end BB


dont remember that discussion

Look forward to seeing you both riding down the pavement some time soon

If we had a dedicated motorcycle lane, you know every single one of us would be blustering away in indignation if cyclists used it. It’s no different the other way around.

only when im riding the scooter :w00t:

seriously tho i dont remember taking part in a “I don’t care what my actions make other road users think of bikes” discussion :ermm:

Quite possibly you didn’t, Panagiotis.

What is the legal situation with cycle lanes?

I know they have a dodgy picture of a bike painted on, but there are no prohibition signs that I’ve ever seen

Some recent (Council) roadworks forced all vehicles to go into the cycle lanes to get past the hole in the middle of the road.

Don’t use them myself, there full of the wrong people, but if I need to, can I?

As Oldguy stated there are no prohibited signs stating we are unable to use them so I do. Obviously not the ones that take you onto the pavement as BB was emplying. But why not the ones in the road?

as far as i am aware we cannot go into the cycle box that is in the front as it is considered going through a red light.

as for the circle lane on the side i guess it could be considered undetaking :blink:

See now i use the cycle box at the lights as well… no surprise eh :smiley: but purely so i can make progress without getting squeezed when the cagers move off. Surely its all about reducing congestion and making progress thats why we ride bikes…no?

[oldguy] I think that there are two types of cyle lane marking: ones with a solid line (don’t enter) and ones with a broken line (which, I think mean that you can enter if you need to and if they are empty).

But, basically, since they’re on the pavement side of the road, wtf would you want to be there for anyway?

I use the Northbound lanes of Blackfriars Bridge all the time and it’s an especially wide cycle lane, the cyclists also have a habit of using the width to assert themselves by creating a constant flow… they race towards the green light and refuse to yield, to vehicles that wish to turn left. One morning I was alongside a girl on a bicycle who was also turning left, there can’t have been more than a metre between us and some muppet on a racing bike shot between us!

Regardless, that cycle lane has a solid white line… it’s legally their space and using it is asking for trouble… the scooterist do seem to be the worst offenders.

The penalty for driving in a cycle lane is £30 (it’s non endorsable), but watch out TFL & the London Boroughs want to make this £120 and enforce it via CCTV. They also want to do the same for Advanced Stop Lines (Cycle boxes) which would mean getting a £120 fine and 3 points in the post when you enter it.

no surprise there, with 95% of them riding on a CBT only…(yes BB, i know there are some scooterists who are good riders :wink: )

I use the cycle lane on lower thames st every morning, along with lots of other motor cyclists - its that or sit in the traffic all the way along it.