Bikersdays Trackdays - Spa, Belgium

Thinking of doing a trackday at Spa in Belgium, anyone ever used Bikersdays for a trackday there?


I know peeps who use cars on Spa… The surface has been worn away and is far from smooth, unless its been surfaced in recent years…

It used to be a good stop off point en route to the Nurburgring.

There used to be 3 traffic cones that seperated the public road from the private circuit and it was so simple to gain access and go and play :0)  I lost count of the number of laps I have done at Spa in the past, but was always good fun and a good warm up in preperation for the ring.

I don’t think you can just wander onto the circuit these days :0(

when was that T.C?

when was that T.C? EddieSV
Oh, I am going back to early and mid 90's.  I think it was about 96 the last time I did the Spa and Ring trip.  I know I was on my first Blackbird, so that would be at least 96.

Sweet. Now it’s all security guards and CCTV.