Bikers take no crap

You know the leaked recording of the conversation between the captain of the Costa Concordia and the coastguard officer who’s telling him to get back on board and take charge of the evacuation?

The officer is now a national hero. Turns out he’s a biker. Rides a 1,000cc Suzuki.

Good man. Take no sh*t :slight_smile:

Top guy

I bet he had more than strong words with the captain when he hit land

i wouldnt have personally left anybody in need, whether i was qualified to help or not i would have at least tried.

but admittedly in a situation where you have to decide between your own life and the lives of others, i’m not sure how many will decide to ‘abandon ship’, regardless of their training.
not that i’m justifying his actions, i have no respect for the man.

Being qualified to help is one thing, being captain of the ship is another thing entirely. WTF was he thinking? A question quite a lot of people are asking at the moment :crazy:

Reminds me of the Oceanos sinking, when the Greek captain and crew abandoned ship first, leaving all the passengers to their fate…

Good on the coastguard guy, though, a national hero and deservedly so. He helped to limit the embarrassment of an entire nation. Love it that he rides a Suzuki :cool:

But the question is - if the roles were reversed, would de Falco have stayed on the ship?

my personal theory is that he knew he c**ked up, so he was trying to ‘run away’.

there’s no condoning his actions, i was just wondering how well trained one could be in case of emergency, where would you risk your own life or be able to sacrifice it for the sake of others.

If the captain & crew of the Oceanos aren’t still in prison there’s no justice in the world. :angry:

Although I must admit to a laugh out loud moment when the guy was telling about sending the mayday over the radio & the responder asking him what rank he was, his answer “guitarist” :D:D

Thank god he wasn’t a drummer…

I thought he said he had slipped and fell into the lifeboat? :doze:

If he is found culpable there have to be questions about his employers too…to have put him in charge of the ship in the first place…

I worked offshore on boats . I was an engineer . All crew be it cook or captain are supposed to be trained in the three disasters . Fire. Flood . Medical . But the whole can of pain for **** ups rests with the captain even if it all happens while he is in his bunk sleeping .

I am willing to bet that the skipper rides a scooter

The definition of irony!

Brilliant :slight_smile: