Bikers in a spin!!

OOps…repost…<bends for spanking>

Note to repost police…dilligaf :stuck_out_tongue:

even the repost police committed the crime :Whistling: :smiley:

Tell me about it…lmao. :smiley:

Its not a crime…on here it’s a cardinal sin!! You are lucky if you come away unscathed…:stuck_out_tongue:

yeah you could at least link back to the original thread instead of leave your feeble repost up here! Grrrr have some respect!

Oh and while you’re at it send this vid on to JL courtesy of Limoncello :smiley:

Huh?..banman what is your problem? Do you just make nasty comments as a rule, or do you just like bullying girls?

I’ve already asked Smiled to delete a thread of mine due to your unnecessary comments. I don’t know you…so leave me alone please.

Thank you.

yean banman whats your problem? forgot to use [sarcasm] tags again didnt you! :stuck_out_tongue:

I been told off! By a gurl!? :crazy: :blink: :unsure: :crying:



I know. I’m [sarcasm]soooo[/sarcasm] mature