Bikers block hate church protest

This makes me proud to be a biker.

The news reports seems a bit confused. Certainly several biker groups of good standing refused to take part, but none of the bikers in the photos are obviously Hell’s Angels. Hell’s Angels tend to be very pro-gun ownership and very very pro-violence. I would not be surprised if they had offered ‘protection’ to some schools.

Ok, put a different way but with identical sentiment - I admire anyone at all who tries to block the activities of Westboro Church.

they were mainly a biker group called Patriot Guard, good on them whatever they call themselves :slight_smile:

that photo in report is probably a library picture too.

but yes it seemed it did happen and good on them.

According to the Patriot Guard website they did not take part as these funerals did not comply with their aims. PG exist to protect funerals of returning servicemen and women only.

From what I can see, Angel Action who organised the counter protest to the Westboro Baptist Church have absolutely nothing to do with the Hells Angels. Bikes may have turned up, but Angel Action is a gay rights activist group that was set up to organise counter protests to Westboro Baptist Church demos at the funerals of murdered gays etc.

Hell’s Angels look like this -

Angel Action counter-protesters look like this -

Wonder if there are any members of both groups :smiley:

i am thinking we need a Venn diagram:D

Me too im still finding it hard to see the difference in them pics :smiley: