bikerfriend - is Kaos!?

i think its kaos! hes in disgiuse!:smiley:

love you really:D

Well if it is he’s doing a great job at hiding his real identity, forgetting how to write proper english was a masterstroke.

Definitely something I used to do back in the day, when Alts on forums were not only commonplace but was an expected part of the community.

I used to have a group of personae just to mess with people, even had arguments with myself, just to throw people off the scent.

Too busy these days, in Court again today and likely the rest of this week, got a legal exam to take on Wednesday for my application to become a Duty Advisor at the County Court, and at some point I am going to have to go to Holborn to pick up my first case for the Employment Tribunal.

Ohh the heady days of sitting at home getting wasted and messing about on a fledging internet. I miss em, but I am glad to be doing what I am doing now.

Given his apparent vocation, I would have (not ‘of’) thought his spelling & grammar would be as correct as his tenacity is admirable.


Don’t worry about the 'net Steve, it’s the axes you should be concerned with!

Only time I use two forum names is when I forget me password so I gotta make a new one to post. Or rather IE forgets it and I never wrote it down.

I’m indifferent to Bikerfriend because why should what he writes bother and upset me? I don’t like spam, and why should I like spam? I open a thread to read opinions and comments then reply if I feel like it. So I don’t like reading thousands of messages about big titted Russians looking for men with hugh wallets.

And trolls? Well if you want to have a big row just go visit a religious site and say god don’t exist or a US any right wing political site and say Sarah Palin is dumb. Saying America didn’t win WW2, but profit gouged is a good arguement starter too. :slight_smile:

i miss those days too:D

good too see your hard works paying off tho dude.

dont forget tho! Ricky got banned for dual logins:w00t: