Biker who can accomidate part-time passenger needed

Hi.I think my add says it all. I used to ride by due to a worsening disability I am for practical reasons no longer able to in no way detracts from my ability to sit on and hold on :D.l am a buxum wench so need someone with something a bit bigger than a 125:D.Happy to meet up some where or go for long ride outs, happy too to contribute to petrol.Have to mention that l am mum of three so no crazy R1 boy racer types please.

lf someone can help it would be really great, l miss being back in the saddle so much and the occasional ride out would be a real treat.Many thanks ,Annie Email [email protected]

Hey Anni, welcome. You probably wouldn’t be too comfortable on the back on my bike but I’m sure there are a few members who would offer to take you pillion.

“l am a buxum wench so need someone with something a bit bigger than a 125” Oh dear, I can this being at least 5 pages!:wink:

You’re not wrong. Keywords “buxom wench, ride, sit on, hold on” oooer missus!

I may have to negotiate with Pillion Command (no fighting, girls), but the back seat on this might be suitable?



jezuz i wouldnt mind a go on the back of that!! :slight_smile:

i would take you but GSXR’s are made for one… :frowning:

I’m sure you’ll get people who can offer you a pillion seat and I can understand your need to get back on the road. I can ask around too. I have taken pillions in the past, but not very often and I’m not comfortable with it, as my bike’s quite heavy and pillions make it heavier. But good luck and will ask some of my biker mates if they have a seat.

Welcome too:D

where r u located

If youe SE London area…be happy to assist…where abouts are you based?

Hi Annie,

I can understand totally hun and would be glad to help with the loan of my bike, my OH Claire would be more than pleased to take you out for a run on Sunday next week weather permitting (using my bike, im rubbish at taking pillions and she has an offroader type now so not so comfortable for taking them).

She’s a experienced rider, has been a motorcycle instructor and is very smooth and not at all Rossi like LOL she’s used to taking larger passengers (cough namely me!) feel free to contact her please PM me and I will send over her number.

Gems xx :smiley:

impressive bike! Is your 3-wheel bike exempt from London congestion charge?
i had to look up “buxom wench” in my Oxford dictionary:), still learning my english

“buxom wench” is in the dictionary?!

My dad called someone a wench the other day, bless him - words cannot describe how shocked I was! (Or how surprised the poor girl was, too.) I reckon the word’s making a comeback…

Hi Annie

Where are you based? North London you can ride on the back of mine a vfr800

If in West London you could have the comfort of the tripod. :wink:

is that what you call yourself jim:w00t::smiley:

Yeah, but only because I’m a Blue Bodge holder. Exemption costs £10 a year.

It’s what others say - who am I to argue? :hehe:

Dont worry Ginja is here is you wanna get your leg over (on the bike that is) and have a good ride

A very accomodating bunch on here… perhaps occasionally too accomodating :laugh:

I can vouch for Ginger being a very accomodating host with a warm pillion seat. Only the other week I managed to persuade him to give one to a totally random young lady …ride I mean:cool: