Biker Up - Cheapside

Holding a stead pace of 30mph in 2nd gear, bolt upright. Ride in peace.

Anybody else spot a biker up on their way into work this morning?

I saw a few, but not as many as usual. Strange.

Saw the usual number on my way in this morning, the usual proportion of 60% sensible riders, 30% lunatics, 10% psychotic maniacs :crazy:

Saw some. One in particular comes to mind. Dude on FZ6s with nice curly blond hair sticking out the back of his helmet… Drives a bit stupid like. Parks up behind you at traffic light then shoots off like a gun on green, squeezing through tiniest space between you and car you’re next to, nearly takes out a cyclist in process. muppet.

Was probably me.

I see three or for every mornin on my way in. Ride In Peace brothers and may your day be free…condolences to the cage drivers stuck in their slavery.

Ride Free