Biker down

I think that this happened a while ago but the pentonville road leading up to Angel was closed this morning for what looked like a fatal crash

A bike was embedded into the side of a small car which was now half the size it should be

Just hope the biker was thrown from the bike before collision

Not hopeful

bummer…lets hope the rider is still about…sounds bad though…

It’s never nice to hear stuff like this.

I hope it’s not as bad as it sounds:doze:


I agree hope he’s ok

just chased that up…
he’s not ok.
it was a fatal.

declared dead at the scene shortly afterwards.

rest in peace rider.


r.i.p. RIDER…

i see it on the tv this morning…my heart skipped a beat as two of my work mates go home that way, thankfully it was not either of them.

RIP biker…

rip rider - god ive heard so many similar things lately - please be careful peeps :frowning:

damn! always sad to read such things,

RIP fellow rider

real bad news…anyone know any more details about him…RIP biker…

when i saw the reckage i suppose it was obvious but just hoped for the best.

Completely straight piece of road and not too busy at that time of the morning so I can only assume the car pulled out of a side side as it was a side impact.

Slow down people and keep those eyes open.

RIP dude :frowning:

thoughts to their family, whoever they are

That stretch of road is very dangerous - please be careful along there.See article from Islington Gazette March 07 - 3 deaths in that area in a week.


really very sad news

drive slow at least in town