Biker down!

…Me! Yay!

I blame the new(ish) tyres :wink: Haha. Slipped out from under me. Anyway, whatever!

The bikes a hornet 600 1998 - I’m looking for replacement front/rear brake levers, are these parts generic or specific to each bike?

Also if anyone can help I’d like a bit of the engine casing replaced which I’ve included a picture of, and another part which i’ve included a picture of, not sure what it’s called though so if anyone can help even giving me a name for it, and also a heat shield for the exhaust as it’s scratched to buggery. Other than buying new I guess my only hope there is to get them from someone breaking a bike on ebay.

Any help/suggestions on websites where i can at least pick up new levers for now would be appreciated,


Engine casing:

What would I call this???:

Well I figured out it’s called a thermostat housing protector :stuck_out_tongue: Just ordered from honda for £15 which is about what I expected. I don’t really want to pay £25 for the rear brake lever and £83 for the pulse generator cover though so if anyone can help me get these parts on the cheap i’d really appreciate it.


hi mate,

id also ask on hornets nest… there are always loads of spares there :wink:

glad your ok :smiley: and in good humour?? :ermm:

Yeahh just a bit of road rash and damaged ego, I was straight back on it riding home with my tail between my legs :smiley: Haha…

Good to hear you’re okay.

I did my DAS on one of these and dropped it! No damage though. They seem to stack up very well.

Daniel son say’s that is Ur thermostat housing/cover :smiley:

Haha yep, got that now, on order from honda… Just about the only bit i’d like to buy from them at £10 haha.

i no that! not bad though it was 12 quid for the cbr4 thermo cover.

suzuki are fun as well… ah well:hehe:

Yeahhh I rounded it down, it was actually like £12-£13 :wink:

yer i no:hehe: