Biker Down Oval

At 8.40 this morning Jackie and I assisted a girl who was in collisiion with a black BMW at the junction of Clapham Road (A3) and Hanforth Road. I didn’t see the collision, only the aftemath as she was still lying on the road when I got there and was already trying to pick up her bike (a white Suzukli Van Van 125 with 07 plate and at least one L plate).

She didn’t seem injured, although she was very upset and not very communicative about what had happened or how she had landed. The incident was outside the Lambeth Police HQ so a couple of bobbies turned up straight away, and also had problem getting the girl to say how she was as all she could talk about was the damage to the bike - all I could see was one straightenable indicator bracket and a small leak of brake fluid from a resoviour - the BMW driver wasn’t too simpathetic as his car now had a big dent in the side.

I gave the police my details on a piece of paper which they copied and handed to her.

I hope she is OK, if she is here, or anyone here knows her, I would be grateful if she would get in touch, because after the event, when thinking about it, there are some things the smug company car BMW driver was saying about the accident that is incompatable with the position of the vehicles when I first saw them.

I had a request for a statement from an insurrance company arrive yesterday. I found it very helpful to have a time-stamped Contemporaneous account of the events and my thoughts to refer to after all this time.