Biker Down - Me!

Exact same thing happened to me and the driver tried to pin the blame on me:w00t:

Remember to put that in your statements "he offered to settle by cash’.

Inform the insurance company even though he offers cash, this is ur saftey net if he doesn’t pay :smiley: Also you need to claim personal injury and this can only be done through insurance.

You will come off better off after you claim back all your damage to ur leathers, boots, lid, bike, personal injuries :wink:

I had the same injuires as you and i got 2k for it :smiley:

Glad to hear your ok!

Sounds quite stylish Stevie… sort of ‘Bolero’ if you have been on ice.

Blimey sorry to hear this Stevie but very glad that you are ok. What bad luck to be caught by that idiot.

I wish you and your bike a speedy recovery and that you manage to replace your lid courtesy of his insurance company.

Hehe… Crashing On Ice… Oh no - they’ve done that - Todd Carty anyone? :smiley:


Glad you ok - sorry to hear the news. Be up for a trip to the bikeshow at the weekend if you are up for it - you can check out the (uninsured) scratches on my bike :):slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that mate.

Get well soon, I hope the insurance process goes smoothly.
Take care!


Sorry to hear this Stevie, hope you and the bike get well soon !!!

But what is it with you and Nick and landing on your arse’s

FAT BOTTOMED BOYS you make the rockin’ world go round :smiley:

OOOOOOoooooohhhhhhhhhhh…That’s fighting talk Trisck - did you hear that Nick? She said you got a fat bottom :smiley:

Good to hear your ok stevie, thats always been a thought at the back of my mind, some numpty pulling out in front of me:w00t: not much you can do is there, get back in the saddle as soon as mate and see you around in the spring;)

Fat arse? Lobsided maybe…skidding down the road on one arse cheek tends to leave things a bit uneven:w00t:

I would say Stevie - you are probably only getting this much attention as I suspect a few others (like me) first read your post as Biker down - “Mel” rather than “Me!” :wink:

Sorry to hear of this, young man. Yet good for experience in a way, given that you’re undamaged.

I gave the trike a handful today just as I hit a patch of black ice. Good for the heart.

i spu the back up tonite several times on the way home, was easy to do aswell, prob somethign to do with it being -1!:w00t:

stevie, glad your ok bud! go easy man, tis crap riding weather, too much throttle or braking will see you or your ass this time of year!

GWS mate

:hehe::hehe: but none of us wish that kind of thing on her. Bad Karma. You must be the only one Nick who has got injured lately while not riding a bike. Good effort, GWS. Here’s something soothing.

haha, that’ll teach me for cracking jokes eh?:smiley:

Noooooooo, dont say that. i’m supposed to be going out on the bike tomorrow, popped out tonight, it felt really unstable, maybe its something to do with me never having checked the tyre pressure(bought it in Oct '08) lol. I might check em in the morning to be on the safe side. :slight_smile:

O…M…G !!

I did that for the first time Sunday… mind you I had only had the bike two months and done 1000 miles…

hehe… so did I this morning - I thought oh no! not another one…

Then I realised it was me! :smiley:

haha :stuck_out_tongue: