Biker Down - Me!

All cool - waiting for recovery truck. Will post up full details later. And I want a Smiled Club Number :smiley:

Blimey not another one!! hope your ok luvvie
Take extra care out there people its cold and its icy and all the loony cagers are’nt paying attention:w00t:

can every one stop crashing for a day or two:)

hope alls well

Down, but not out…Glad you’re ok.

What happened?

glad you’re alright!!

As Waspie said…not another one…glad you’re ok though

Glad you’re okay. Smiled club number?

hope your ok, got to take extra care out there at the moment.

I never got my Smiled number either!!!:slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that Stevie. Glad to hear you bounced.

Me either.

Glad you’re ok Stevie

Good to hear that you’re okay!

Poor thing, hope it had nothing to do with swerving :slight_smile:

Tis good you are well!:cool:

Right - back home! Thanks all for the comments :smiley:

So - this is where it happened:

I’m trhe black square, the blue square is the driver at the point I pulled out and the red quare is where we collided.

He didn’t give way to the right at the roundabout and unfortunately, I was on the right!

Thankfully he only sideswiped me. I felt the bike about to go and rather than wobble and possibly highside it, I laid it down.

Bike did a 180 on its side and I cruised in smoothly behind it.

It was a guy in his mid-twenties who’d hit me and guess what he said?


Yeah yeah - you weren’t looking more like, mate. Still, I kept my cool with him - I think he was more shaken up than I was. Bottom line is - it happens - it happens every day - today was my day and it wasn’t bad. If people saw the bikes they hit, they wouldn’t hit them - can’t change it so just gotta deal with it.

No immediate damage to me - a bruised left bum cheek and a couple of aches. Impact points on me were ar$e, shoulder and head - my jacket protected my ar$e and shoulder; my lovely lid did its job and protected my head. Lid needs replacing, but jacket and gloves are fine. Bike show Saturday, anyone? :smiley:

1hr 40mins after I’s spoken to Honda Assistance, I got a phone call from the recovery folk saying they would be with me within the hour. I wasn’t best pleased seeing as how they’d told me it would be an hour from when it first happened.

Just after that phonecall, the guy who had hit me called and asked if we could sort it out in cash - I told him I was waiting for the recovery truck and that had to be paid for by the insurance, so it was too late. He was gutted to find out that 2 hours later I was still by the roadside. We’ll see how long that compassion lasts when he works out what the loss of his NCB is gonna cost him.

Honda Assistance also offered to give me a lift home and said they’d arrange it with the driver, so I didn’t arrange for anyone to come and collect me, but when the driver turned up, he wasn’t having any of it - he gave me a lift to the nearest train station and left me to it.

Damage to the bike, on the surface at least, was surprisingly light. All on the left hand side - scrapes to the mirror, bar end, clutch lever, fairing (not cracked though), side & centre stands. The gear lever is bent beyond all recognition, which is to be expected, but no other damage.

A load of petrol slopped out over the engine when I picked it up - I’m assuming that’s an overflow somewhere, rather than a cracked tank. The ignition was dead as well, but I’m thinking that’s probably a connector come out of place somewhere.

Do I win a Smiled Club Number? :smiley:

:D:D @ Mel’s comment.

We never thought we would hear ourselves saying this but Stevie, we are really sorry. Glad to hear you are OK mate :kiss::kiss:

Hehe… yeah - made me laugh too :smiley: Thanks guys - it could have been worse - I could have dropped my bike at the end of the test and put a hole in some Pan Euro fairing, eh Mel? :PI walked away from it - I got nothing to be down about (yet - wait for the insirance companies to get involved :D)

What’s the problem, just tip it in some more and go round the roundabout again! Oh wait, that’d require you using that 2" of your tyre that never sees the road :wink: :cool:

Glad there was no (personal) and relatively little (bike) damage though :slight_smile:


This coming from the man who fell off on a corner with NOBODY else involved?

Back in your box, Gold! lolz

I’ve never fallen off a bike I’ve owned more than 2 days :smiley: