Biker down... maybe

Just drove along East Smithfield (eastbound, just prior to Tower Bridge), lane 2 was blocked by a Hyundai 4x4 with it’s hazards on. Ambulance on the other side and a Ducati Monster parked on the pavement next to it. The Hyundai was angled towards the centre line and I wondered if he might have taken the Ducati out as it tried to filter on the right. It’s an iffy place to filter, hopefully the rider is ok.

Hope they’re ok if they were hit by the car driver.

Coming back from langley Train Station on Saturday and there was a Triumph Triple stuck under a car…thankfully the rider was ok and getting the driver’s details. The driver had taken him out when he pulled across him trying to turn right…looks like the biker ditched the bike in favour of his limbs…good riding. As GM said, if it was one of us, the driver would be out cold on the road from our fists!