Biker down A4 eastbound

Passed a horrible scene this morning, accident on A4 bike had been propped up but there was a red blanket out on the road. I fear the worse, sends shivers down my spine - be careful people.

too true mate, its always us that comes of worse, we need to get access to all bus lanes, i am sure it will help keep us safe

Lets hope they were getting the blanket ready for a picnic or summit

from what i know, a 54 year old rider died of injuries @ the scene.


well that was before we hear that a biker has died.

either way son, it was a misplaced comment. don’t worry though. you’re in good company :wink:

True, I take it back. :ermm:

respects to the family



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when i hear of these, i can visualise briefly… happy or not, i always sigh and have a slight sad moment…
respects to the guy, if he was riding safely then he deserves every bikers ‘RIP’ message.
Rest in Peace new victim :frowning:


RIP thats sad news indeed :frowning:

RIP for rider. :frowning:

a mate of mine was behind the accident that morning in his van and he said it wasnt the most plesant of things to witness and it has put him off the a4 on two wheels for a while:crazy: