Biker compensation claim

Don’t know if you’ve seen this…

Hope he’s succesful, but the CICA is as slow as a snail, I have just got my compemsation for injuries from an attack 2 years ago, and am still waiting for another claim going back over 18months.

oh, and the amount you tend to get, isnt worth all the hassle of arguing your case.

In this weeks MCN there is a report in this new craze in Wales ( what do you expect from there). I can`t believe the mentality of these idiots who think this is fun.

I saw it in the sun chip wrapper , there making look as if the biker is in the wrong.

Utter bollox, due to some little pratt playing chicken he prob had his bike smashed and injuries to boot, woss he spose to say “oh its ok cos the nice innocent boy died i’ll go with out” Like fvck, if not succesful i’d sue the boys parents, that should piss em off more, lol.