Biker bathroom taps.

Anyone interested.:smiley:

With respect - that’s some of the most tasteless crap I’ve seen for ages! :smiley:

But then I guess it would appeal to the chrome n’ tassels brigade. :stuck_out_tongue:

I always said the best place for a Hardly Dangerous was the Sh!t House;):D:D:D



Phew! No separate cold and hot water taps :Wow:

‘elegant inspiration’ ??? Hmmmmm, Personally i think NOT! :smiley:

lmao, they’re so lame :hehe:

wonder who would actually spend so much money on summink as tacky as that lol:P

Haha, you haven’t used Chunky’s bathroom then! :hehe::w00t:

feeling sick :w00t::w00t::w00t:

oh dear:w00t:

Not exactly the same, they’re SRAD ones… :w00t:

You are soooo going to get it mate:cool:


Keep it, I want my Triumph back! ;)Countdown to 9th feb… :smiley:


i think they are fantastic.

would I want them in my house


and such a snip at ONLY $279

who in there right mind would pay $799 for those?

No-one if they’re $279 !!!:smiley:

you make a very good point! :smiley: