Biker almost down

and it was me. on my commute to work this morning, car decides it’s not going to sit behind the bus anymore and pulls into me.

Managed to swerve, stick my leg out and use it as a buffer between us. No damage done to me or bike. But obviously could have been much worse.

Pulled over and had a “polite” word with her after checking everything over, I live to ride another day :w00t:

In the immortal words of monty python:

“you lucky bartasd”

attention out there


kevsta, you couldn’t have put it better!

A nice bit of counter steer swerving me thinks!
Good job :D:D

When did Monty Python say that?

Your third eye puckered hard for a moment! Good tactics on keeping the car away from you. I’ll try planting a size 13.5 shoe into a car door the next time someone tries that on me.

Life of Brian


i think…:ermm: