It’s just not fair. While you lot are out enjoying yourself down the Ace or Frith on your bikes, I am still stuck at home bloody bikeless five months after ‘moving on’.

The effin legal system is so god damn slow.

Suppose I could come down in the van but it’s just not the same. Especially as the weather is so nice tonight.

I know how you feel mate. Have just had to do without the bike for a week while I did a major service, replaced the brake seals and replaced a throttle cable.

Alright, I don’t know how you feel. It’s only been a week but that’s long enough without a bike for me. Hang in there. Summer’s not over yet

Tell me about it, 18 months after I ‘moved on’ and things still are not sorted…Although I first thing I did was buy a bike

ive been bikeless for about 1 month now,

hopefully nt to much longer!!!

iv been bikeless for years now its ****!!!
and wats worse is when its there waiting for you just to get on it and go!!!
the temptation is so bad!!!it flippin bothers me like mad!!!

so i symperthise with you all!!!xxx

Hire a bike

Hire a bike eh?

still no good, all my gear’s locked away from me too.

Hmmmmm, wonder if I can get compensation for having all my stuff witheld from me unlawfuly?

If you are being denied access to things that are yours you have the right to be able to use reasonable force to gain access (ie break locks, that sort of thing). At least that’s what I was advised when I tried to stop my (now) ex from removing things from our house that was claiming he was entitled to half of!

Tried it, got arrested.

got arrested??

borrow bike gear??