Bike tyres in Hertfordshire?

Hey, can anyone recommend a tyre fitter where I can get a fast road tyre (such as Pirelli Corsa III) in Hertfordshire, at a reasonable price?

I live in Hertford and bought my last rear tyre from Taz motorcycles in Welwyn Garden City, which cost me £180 fitted! This seems rather high, but I can’t think of any other local tyre stockists.

Thanks in advance


Try these fellas, do really good deals on tyres.

Not quite Hertford but worth the ride to Aston Clinton.:smiley:

raceways in stevenage?

the bike pavillion (kawasaki) in letchworth?

jesus, i live in herts and can’t think of anywhere other than those and taz!

Bike Pavilion went under a few months ago, best place in this area is Motorcycle Pitstop in Letchworth,

Talk to Ralph, he does good deals on fitted pairs.

I’ve used Protyre on the A10 in enfield, they have a bike bay and can order in specialised rubber if you want it. Their prices seem good too.

I’ve also had Essential Rubber (N1 5AA) recommended to me as well, a bit further away though but it seems many happy customers.

may try those guys myself next time.

as for bike pavilion, im not surprised, the place was always empty, they didn’t seem to want my business and couldn’t really have been anymore un helpful when i was looked for a ZX 6

If you’re not too far from Welwyn Green theres a place hidden round the back called Tekmotive.

I used to go there years ago and they are a great place - really well priced and even do a call out service if you get a puncture or need a tyre at home. Family run and work off word of mouth.

Also good for servicing etc.

I bought a set from into bikes for £184 and took them to avsco over by victory road, a tenner each, the only catch you have to take the wheels off.