Bike transportation

Hi people!!I am thinking of buying a ninja from my cousin who lives in scotland…now i need to know how easy/hard it will be transport it back to london.

I have only been riding for 2 months…and was thinking it might be a little difficult to ride for so long if i was to ride it back myself.

So if anyones got ideas/suggestions as to the best way to transport it…i would be really grateful!!

thank you!:stuck_out_tongue:

lots of transport people will transport your bike cross-country for about £150.

Or if you have your own van, DIY.

Or if you have car with a tow-bar, you can pickup a trailer off ebay for about £50. This can provide future transport too.

Otherwise make sure you check the weather so you dont have to ride for 8 hours in the rain :wink:

duplicate post.

see if yer cousin fancy’s a few days in london, get him to ride it down etc.

say to him other wise dont know if i can buy it, lol.

Or go for a few days ride in Scotland. You won’t regret it…