bike trailer

hi all…few years away from riding but getting back in the saddle. my cousin who lives in france has an h reg fj1200 c3thats sat tgere for tge past 6 years. last started 2 years ago. im going to drive over in may and collect it but need a bike trailer.does anyone on here have one they would rent out for 4 days or know of a reasonable company ?
hes letting me have tge bike with a full set of hard luggage for £500. plan is to get it back and do whats needed for the mot then strip it down in the winter to get it up to as perfect condition as i can. 2 owner bike.

I have one for sale at £150 if you were looking to buy, maybe cheaper than renting? Have loaned it before to folks I know, but not sure if I’d feel comfortable loaning it all the way to France…

I have a collapseable trailer you could borrow, date depending and I’d ask you to leave the value of the trailer as a deposit.

Bit harsh asking for a deposit, trust gone nowadays.

Oi can i borrow your bike then… in the name of trust and all…

Don’t see a problem in asking for deposit. Presumably if anything were to happen to it payment for damage/repair would be made anyway. Assuming of course realistic value being placed on trailer in first place.

Why trust someone you don’t know, i did that mistake here and never got my stuff back. a deposit is the right thing to do

thanks for the replies and i have no problem with a deposit.i dont want to buy but thanks for the offer. im lookibg at goibg during may so will be in touch abd chat further.ill say 4 days at the outside itll be needed for.

It’s a £500 trailer used once, so it’s not an insignificant value. I have never meet the op, and given he was looking at renting, I figured he would expect to have to pay a deposit for that.
If it was somebody I had meet before, it might be different, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m offering my trailer to be taken away for a few days for free by somebody I don’t know, so a little piece of mind isn’t too much asked I thought.

@scorpio stu, send me a PM with contact details when you know you’re going. Unless I book a trackday, I won’t be using it.
when taken apart, it fits into a boot of most cars. You’ll need a numberplate for the lightboard and you may need some extra ratches.

I think a full deposit is a normal offer for lending something to someone you’ve never met.

I’ve trusted “good guys” in the past and, let’s just say, been a tad disappointed. A couple of times they have even been friends.

Take the deposit for the full replacement cost every time. It kind of concentrates their minds on returning the goods they were so glad to borrow.

cheers mate

I thought you knew him.