Bike to Bike Comms

I’ve only been around on this site for a few weeks so apologise if someone has already done a write-up on this, but I couldn’t find anything and thought it may be of interest:

Cobra MT800 Motorcycle Hands Free Communication
Just brought a couple from Elite Electronics (not the cheapest at £90 for the 2 as I’ve seen it for £80, but they did know what they were talking about when I rang so plumped for them).

Any bike to bike comms seems to be a little “Heath Robinson” with copious amounts of velcro and plugs, but this system does work really well.

Each kit comprises a helmet speaker and mic (+ velcro), a Talk button that goes on the bike (+ velcro) and the radio. We’ve tried it up to a mile between bikes and it still works perfectly. For the price, I’m well impressed.

You do have to remember to unplug yourself from the talk button on the bike as you walk away otherwise you can go from “Cool Biker” to “Complete Idiot” in about a millisecond! :slight_smile: