Bike theft help

I was going to buy a new bonneville but it seems stealing bikes is de rigeur. Any hints or tips on what I should look out for?

I’m a bit worried that my open face helmet might not be much of a disguise.

Tough crowd


hold on… re reading this do you mean that you want to steal a bonnevillw and you are worried about your disguise??? :w00t:

if so not funny! :unsure:

i think your worrying too much m8.

always be alert etc but theres only so much you can do.

also i dont think bonnevilles are high up on the list of bikes targetted to be stolen, not saying they don or wont get nicked seems more ya fancy poofy/sports bike thats the main target and supermoto’s etc.

and my Pan :crying:

I did mean stealing one myself, but my lack of clarity has rendered my lame joke, useless.:ermm: