Bike T-Shirts

Anyone know where I can get a couple Bike T-shirts. i.e brand ones - Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, etc.

I’ve looked on ebay and they all see a bit rubbish!

Any ideas?

hein geriche

Some nice classic ones over at Red Lizard . I’ve bought two from here before and the quality is good.

Here ya go. These are the people who sell the t-shirts, jackets and stuff at the race tracks.

grin factor do comedy motorbike t-shirts…

I think it’s something obvious like

try grand prix legends its a mail order thing!! iv had a cupple of rizla tops from there!!!


some good apparel there.

short of that design your own slogan at

thats wat i ment but i couldont remember the web thingy!!! cheers

Fankooooo!! Will look at some of these and drop some orders in…now where’s that credit card? lol

ive got a great ogri one that says “get any closer, and i`ll **** on ya bonnet” ha ha