Bike stuttering and then cutting out completely.

Wondering if anyone has any experience of the following:

Bit of background first - my kwak has sat for a few months doing nothing while I used my other bike (I should have drained the carbs etc but was a lazy bastard).

Took it out the other day and it was running fine - few miles later engine started stuttering then cut out completely had to wheel it home.

Started it up again today - same thing - everything fine, started stuttering a mile down the road- cut out.

I’m assuming this is a result of storage - gummed up carbs/crap in the tank etc?

Thanks for any opinions. :slight_smile:

Could be what you said, could be a blocked fuel filter,

Try drain the crab bowls, drain old fuel out (or top it up with fresh fuel) and check fuel filter…

Could even be condensation in the tank…

I’ve had that exact problem twice from a torn/misplaced carb diaphragm, but it could be a needle sticking etc or even spark related. Check the carbs first! (or just drain them and run some redex through if you’re feeling lucky!)

Thanks guys - both good calls - will follow these routes first. :slight_smile:

Dirt in carb

Yeah this is what I’m thinking - to be honest it could be so many things - it’s an old bike so it might even be a coil packing up or something?

Just had a word with a really experienced bike mechanic I know - he reckons that if the bike runs for a while ok it’s unlikely to be carbs but is more likely related to fuel supply - either a gummed fuel tap/fuel pump.

I guess i’ll check these out before I get to the carbs.

Or fuel filter… Or condensation…

Yes mate - could definitely be one of these two.

However - I’ve got a hunch it’s a coil failure.

Bike runs ok until it gets to operating temperature then starts stuttering - sounds like a coil.

I’ll try a multimeter test, check the plugs etc.

My bike done the same thing, well two infact,

Both bandits (two different models) one had a blocked filter,
One had water in the tank…

The water one caused me to loose love for the bike… :frowning:

I feel your pain mate.

FFS after reading 250 different threads on ‘help my zx7r won’t start/cuts out’ I’ve come to the conclusion the Kawasaki ZX7R is like the millennium falcon out of Star Wars, it’s an unreliable piece of **** but when it’s actually working it’s awesome.

Now I’m trying to work out if it’s the infamous ‘gray wire problem’: