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Bike storage 5/ 6 months?

Hi. Guys ….anyone got info on any options for bike storage that are obviously safe secure and not going to break the bank………don’t need regular access ,just stored like November to April……doesn’t have to be to local to me say anywhere from north circ to m25 area….
Been offered garages very close to me for £50 per week(mill hill area) find that a bit pensive really.

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Different companies will have different storage rules. In 2014 when I hired a storage unit at Big Yellow Self Storage for my house contents I also wanted to store a motorcycle there but was told I would have to drain it of all fluids, petrol, oil, coolant, brake fluid and screen wash?? (their list not mine) The reason given was to eliminate the risk of any spillages into the storage units below.

Bit better this one is £30 a week definately secure,they offer 10% discount if taken for 1 yeAr.

I see q-park car parks are free for motorbikes in london …nice dry inside underground one not far from me….I wonder how long it would take them to realise that a bike is just parked/stored there :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Not long as it would get stolen before they realised it was there for more than 24 hours……:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Looks like Mo-Clean are doing bike storage as well these days…
£99 a month.