frame number is VBKGSN4094M781095

Engine Number 45941547031


KTM LC4 2004 Prestige, Reflective tape on handguards and front mudguard, Pirelli diablo h rated tyres.

Stolen SE London, Dulwich, 3rd september 2006

Reward for info leading to recovery

sorry to hear about this mate, when was it stolen and from what area please

Dear ginger, read the whole thread and not just title, lol.

Wot time was it nicked m8? early morning?

Reason i ask is i live, drummond road se16 (dont worry me bike is not there, lol) and this morning i did hear a bike thumping up/down the raod, sounded like a supermoto etc type of bike, that was about3/4 this morning, will keep me eyes out me a mobile number, if i see anything more will call ya.

Wass registration number?

that wasnt on there whe i posted up

GSXR that would fit the bill exactly - it was stolen after 1-2 in the morning last night in SE22! It would be great if you really did hear the bike - it has a dull thud of a single sound, very distinctive (and loud)! give me a bell on me mobile, I will PM you!!

Thanks Mate!!

In hope!


Sorry Ginger I edited the post to include the date and place, it was stolen after 2 this morning

Thats **** news that is mate,i hope that the Police catch the *******s and hang 'em.

I had a bike stolen last year so i know exactly how you are feeling.

sorry mate, what a bummer…

i live se 22 also, will keep eye out.

you think they were pros or kids? I.E chain cut no alarm?

get and almax…

Really sorry to hear about this mate, have you got the Reg for us, just in case any of us ‘South of the River’ LB’ers see it.

Any idea on how it was taken, are you sure it was ridden away ? (not much help to you mate but may assist others if you tell them)

I live just of salter road and there are alsways kids on stolen bikes round there so ill check over the old pitch as thats where they tend to take them.

SE16 also

Really sorry to hear that mate.

I wouldn’t normally post this but it is , on the off chance I might get it back! Thanks for your offers of help, It is a pretty stand out black supermoto! I will keep you updated!



It wasn’t driven away I didn’t chain it due to my girlfriend being sick and fall down drunk, and me being distracted with cleaning the walls floor and everything else in the bathroom!!! Not good!

Oh and a neighbour who came in at 4 this morning said it was definitely gone by then, it was taken between 2:30 and 4:00 am.

I am in SE London so will keep my eyes peeled, will also post on a couple of other forums.

Me too - on KTM watch .

Bad luck fella - I hope that scum falls off and brakes both legs

Sorry to hear this mate will keep eyes peeled.

not another stolen bike. it’s getting worse.

hope you get your steed back, Harry.

Sorry 2 here about this mate


Since that night m8 i have not heard anything.

As i said on the phone to you (you listening trojan?) on that friday the missus noticed an open garage on her way through, as she was getting car out a bloke rode into garage left bike and crash helmet and off he went. when we returned i saw there was a new bike in there dont knwo wot make and i didnt get the reg at that moment cos ithought i would sit on amin rd and when ai saw a cop car would get him to check it out. Saw cop car, ran over said can ya check this out for me? yes said they but when we got over there the fooking bike was gone, i could not believe it, they must have seen me etc and moved it, it did not come out of the main entrance/exit may have slipped it out the back, pedestrian entrance or put it in another garage.

Wot the copper did notice was a petrol cannister in the garage, that was it and commented on something a certain person does and they had found similar b4 so seemed to have an idea who it was.

These are the garages of lockwood square, b4 we had caught people putting in a stolen bike in marden too.

If you do come this way m8 yer most welcome to come up have a cuppa etc.


Another poss siting tonight, sat 16th.

I say poss cos the local scrotes were flying up/down drummond rd se16 again on a black supermot with a fvck off loud exhaust, tried getting closer look but no chance.

Phoned harry and he on hol, lol.

So if ya in the area pepes keep yer eyes peeled.