Bike stolen from EC1 today

Left work this evening to find my bike had been stolen from Saffron Street EC1 (just off Farringdon Road).

Black Suzuki GSX R750 k7 reg GP07 TWG. The bike was alarmed and had a security chain so I’d guess that it’s been thrown in the back of a van rather than kids taking it for a joyride.

Posting this on the off chance that someone might have seen something.

Yet another one to add to the list

Sorry to hear that, with all the CCTV cameras around, someone must have something. If you have time look around and see what offices buildings about have cameras, ask them if it would be possible to have a look.

I believe what goes around comes around, won’t be long before they get theirs.


I can’t help…feeling shocked every time I hear of a bike being stolen like this.

You seem to be taking it in your stride (are you?). I’d be gutted like a wet fish.

What chain were you using (anchored to anything?).

Hope the insurance works out for you.

Best of luck :frowning:

Im sorry to hear that…i really hate the scum that just take our bikes like this…was it in a secure area, are there CCTV cameras? did you not have a tracker on it?

Sorry to hear :frowning: Do what you can with the CCTV etc and then focus on getting yourself a new bike, good luck!

Bloody hell Jon i can’t believe this.

I hope you hear something soon mate this really sucks fella.

TBH I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet. Obviously I’m p*ssed of about it but ranting through a keyboard isn’t going to be much help:(

There’s a glass fronted office opposite the bike bay so I’ll pop in there on Monday and ask if they saw anything. There’s also CCTV but it doesn’t point towards the bike bay.

This is the first (and hopefully last) time I’ve had a bike stolen so not really sure what to expect with regards to the insurance co. Just hope it doesn’t go on for ages as I really need the bike for work, not to mention the fact that Spring is finally upon us

sorry for you

if you were fully com they will give you the value of the bike

not sure how long it takes maybe someone on here has gone through this can help

you more

do hope get sorted soon

all the best

Usually pretty quick to process claims, especially since they don’t have another side to deal with.

Ah man, sorry buddy! Thats terrible. There was a similar par last year about the very same area. I park just around the corner in Hatton Garden when I use the bike.

Good luck with however it turns out…

Sucks dude, hopefully you’ll get it back unmarked and the scum goes prison. Or hopefully the insurance are dicks and pay out quick.

shocking, I’ll keep a look out down south

sorry to hear this bad news and hope the fuzz get it back for you

SORRY to hear that, hope the police catch them fast.

Thanks all, but I’ve resigned myself to not seeing it again, it’s definately gone into the back of a van so it’s probably already in bits.

Spoke to the insurance co this morning and they said they’ll give the police 28 days to investigate then they’ll get back to me.

Really p*ssed off with myself as I think I undervalued the bike when taking out the insurance, had a rough guess at £5k not realizing that the insurance co won’t actually pay out any more than this, I thought it was just a rough indicator of value. With the £500 excess I’m really going to struggle to find a similar bike, 2nd hand prices are ridiculous at the moment.

really sorry to hear that mate , maybe call the number in the bay if ur lucky maybe they towed it away , i remember i woke up once thought my car was stolen but i was towed

You must be gutted, sorry to hear

there was a post on here about a thief who worked alot in that area, if it was a professional job it may have been him.

Search farringdon you should find it.

Good luck pal, gotta be gutted.

Sorry to hear this m8. I’ll keep an eye open for you.

I know what you mean. When my car was stolen, I had to get to university to teach, and it only really sunk in when the weeks went by and I had to endure public transport :crazy:

Used to have a Suzuki GSXR600 ~ I got fed up with coming back and finding my locks tampered with. Hard to tell if it was friend (other bikers just chain-locking their locks for extra security) or foe (thieves). Decided to go obscure and get a bike from a (then) little known and fairly small insignificant manufacturer, until they had to go and release one devastating sports rocket of a bike which has since rocketed up theft rates for these obscure bikes.

Good luck with the fall-out. Spring was friggin’ freezing on the bike today. It was better than the last two Siberian winter months we’ve had though.