Bike Stolen at Bethnal Green

Monday morning my suzuki gsxr 750 SRAD has been stolen from front of my flat , off Roman Road . Just bought the gixer 2 weeks ago , done full service , new chain , etc , , when those mtfuckers just took her of me. To make things worst , after phoning police went to look for her in estates , but no luck , so 4 hours later went to tesco with my gf ( on bethnal green road ) and while outside i saw this motherfucker riding my bike towards brick lane (wearing obviously grey tracksuit) .After informing police about it called my mates , and we were riding till midnight , but no luck (done more than 70 miles going round estates ) . Does anyone got any suggestions where to look for her ( thinking that she might be still in the area )?? please.





got any pics or reg?? will keep an eye out when im around that area

pics added

will keep an eye out easy enuff plate to remember

Do Not F**k?

Do Not Forget

Did Not Finish!? :smiley:

that’s how i read it too :slight_smile:

gutted to hear about your bike, i’ll keep an look out while i’m out and about - i’m over in Shoreditch/Columbia Road tomorrow morning.

Did Not Fecking stay around for long?

Im down in Hackney will keep my eyes open…
Sorry bout it tho :frowning:

Sorry to hear this. Will keep an eye out also.

Odd that they were still in the area 4 hours later. Either very brave or very stupid. Hopefully the latter and they’ll be caught and you’ll get your bike back.

Work in and around Hackney also, & will be keeping my eyes peeled.

Let us know if/when you get it back just in case I see it and decide to have a little word with the rider.

Thx guys for good words . just came back from riding round the area but no luck , seen dozen of suspicious looking kids on scooters tho

dude its probably stashed in a lock up somewhere…

i’m around town all day 5 days a week, if i see it i’ll ave the lil bugger!

just been to police station , got zero news from them , been told to wait week or two , but how you can just sit and do nothing , knowing that there’s someone near you messing with your bike , bought for hard earned money :frowning:

Gutted for you mate - some real scum out there :angry:

Sounds like the same twat that knicked mine, they’ll have it stored somewhere.

Sorry for ya mate.

Sorry to hear this m8. They’ll thrash it about for a while and then sell the parts or dump it.

Hope you find em.

Will keep an eye for sure.

What security did you have on it just to compare to mine (and perhaps I might have to buy more!)

Im around that area sort of and will keep an eye out for it. Truely gutted for you mate, hope you find the bastards and beat the crap into them.